Here are some of the nice things we hear from our great clients.

I love who you are as an artist. What you have done to landscapes has opened a whole new world to me. Love your positive attitude and that having fun is very much part of art, thank you for being so generous and sharing
Donna T
Thank you so much your generosity of spirit and your support and encouragement makes painting such a joy
Keri J
Wow Carole paints from the heart and inspires others to get in touch with their inner creative spirit, can’t wait for another workshop.
Pauline H

Our corporate bonding session with Carole at the helm was insightful, cooperative and inspiring and above all so much fun Can’t wait to do it again

Ron G

As an inexperienced painter I initially felt daunted in attending Carole’s workshop. Her larger than life personality, joyful chatter & encouragement, along with her skilful teaching soon had us all achieving far more than we expected ,loved it.

Jennie C

One of the most exciting artists I have seen in a long long time .Her workshops are a reflection on her lifetime commitment of bringing the raw beauty of the outback into our lives.

Mel G

As a professional artist with decades of experience Carole shows us more than how to paint, but how to become an artist. We learn the courage of making artistic decisions and how to follow them with her guidance .

Charlotte K

My attendance at Carole’s weekly class is a must in my diary. It is a special environment with a special person who is very generous with her time and advice and guidance 

Sonia H

Our company built a Three day team building program entirely around the Mornington Peninsula: Fantastic Golf courses, Fabulous Wineries, Funky Cafes and Restaurants-Outstanding food, wonderful arts, craft shops and markets.

However voted overwhelmingly by the participants as the highlight of the three days was the 4 hour “Art Classes” conducted by ‘larger than life “artist Carole Foster in her studio at Dromana

Hilarious time was had by all, some hidden talent uncovered and everyone took home their paintings as a memento of such a wonderful experience –highly recommend .

Ian C

Carole just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop I had been a bit lost wandering thru different styles & media ,vaguely knowing what I wanted to do .Well you certainly sorted that out. I love the work you helped me to do and I put it into practice every time I pick up a brush .My friends are amazed and pleasantly surprised let me know when you have another workshop i will  be there, no matter what 

Diane S

Not everyone wants to help carry a fallen tree thru mud and slush to prove they can be an effective team contributor – Carole’s corporate classes were an absolute riot good fun good bonding and can’t wait to do it again 

Jim B (CEO)